24 Insider Secrets That Improve Employee Recognition Success

Finding ways to improve employee recognition has a huge impact on your employees and your workplace. According to Gallup’s article, Employee Recognition: Low Cost, High Impact, “recognition not only boosts individual employee engagement, but it also has been found to increase productivity and loyalty to the company, leading to higher retention.” When you improve employee … Read more

“I Never Hear ‘Good Job!’ From My Manager!”

Have you ever wondered what makes up the difference between the average manager and the great leader? You might be thinking about things like vision and passion, communication and inspiration… and you’d be right. But there is one thing that great leaders do that separates them from the mediocre ranks of management. The key to … Read more

Be A Hero: Turn In Your Winners

We know it’s not always easy to turn in your winners. We all get busy. Life gets in the way. Whatever is holding you back, let today be the day you take back control, and let 2019 the year you overcome it. Be A Hero! Ready to submit your monthly winner(s)? Click HERE.

Too Busy with Turnover to Recognize your Top People?

Your store manager just transferred to another location & no one has filled the position. Maybe YOU’RE the new store manager. Perhaps several team leaders are out on extended leave or some heavy stuff went down & you lost several employees. Everyone’s nerves are on edge. Your employees & leaders are upset, sad, scared, or … Read more

Why Restaurants Get Employee Recognition Right

Two key ingredients impacting a restaurant’s profitability are great food and great service. Let’s talk about factors affecting the service you receive when visiting a restaurant for the first time. The company culture within the restaurant greatly impacts the level of service you receive. If the employees in the kitchen are battling with the wait … Read more

Worried some employees don’t care about your efforts to award & recognize them?

Our Engagement Coaches at MyEmployees hear A LOT of the same concerns when daily speaking to Store Managers, HR professionals, Co-managers, Shift Managers, and many leaders in multiple industries. All that daily feedback (times 30 years & over 100,000 leaders) makes it easy for us to identify which areas of recognition programs & leadership development … Read more

Worried About Recognizing the Same People All the Time?

Whether speaking to Store Managers, HR Leaders, Co-managers, or Shift Managers, MyEmployees Engagement Coaches hear A LOT of the same concerns across multiple industries. Our clients’ consistent feedback helps us easily identify which areas of recognition programs & leadership development need the most consistent troubleshooting. And YOU get to benefit from our experiences & conversations … Read more