Is Your Team’s Recognition Program Upsetting Some Employees When They Don’t Win?

What to do if employees get upset when they don’t win and if your recognition program is creating animosity between team members During our 30 years in business, we’ve worked with over 100,000 managers to recognize & engage their teams. And our Engagement Coaches talk to our clients every day, easily identifying which areas of … Read more

Calculating the High Cost of Employee Turnover

There’s a disease silently infecting the modern American business world today. It lurks in the background, silently eating away at the bottom line of your company. This silent destroyer of business profits is known as your “employee turnover equation”, and it affects small businesses and corporations alike. I’ll not bore you with stats detailing the … Read more

How to Know If Your Recognition Program is Making You Money

How do you know if your team’s recognition program is making your location money?ROI achieved from employee recognition depends on proper planning and execution. To find out if your team’s recognition efforts are making your location money… Just ask yourself these 5 questions: 1) Are my employees being recognized for things that affect our bottom … Read more